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Did you realize the fact that now education has totally changed its shape. Beyond those mark sheet oriented career options, now market is trending on communication, intra personal skills and technology. Rightly CBSE has also emphasizing on linguistic skills of student with learning outcomes 2017.

The invasion of technology in life as well as in education system has changed the face of education system in India. Now the kids as young as 3-4 years-old run the iPads, smart phones, gadgets and computers smoothly, because with time the brain too has started adapting the technological changes, which has taken place.

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Keeping this fact in consideration, LBF is now presenting LBF AR (Augmented Reality) integrated books for English and Hindi language. At the one end, your students learn through researched LBF books and on the other hand get the access of same content mapped with hi end technology, on mobiles/ tablets.

LBF AR app creates classroom teaching atmosphere through most advanced Augmented Reality technology, thus getting real feel of classroom teaching at home. LBF AR integrated books not only allow you to engage your students better and keep them away from TV and internet, but also facilitate cognitive development.



The LBF AR Books Advantages

Access to LBF AR books through Mobile App


LBF Books are based on National Curriculum Framework 2005 and Learning Outcome 2017 prepared by NCERT.

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Not just a book, LBF is entire methodology in itself. To provide benefits to the teachers in your school, every year LBF organises extensive Teachers’ Training schedule in May-June. The sessions are taken by expert academicians and research scholars. Your teachers are welcome in this training to get the edge over others and remain updated.

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Your school has freedom to contact LBF Publications Pvt. Ltd. and get the books for your students directly as a reseller. Not only this, you can avail special discounts & incentives as well.
You can order any quantity, anytime; we will bear the transportation cost for the same and deliver it within 7-10 working days to any part of India. Schools also have access to goods return policy.

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Teachers' Resource Books

We will provide Teachers' Resource Books to the Schools for the implemented Subjects/ Classes absolutely free.

Model Question Papers

We will also provide Model Question Papers on a free of cost basis to the schools who implement LBF Books.

Free Teachers' Copy

Implement LBF Excellence series or All-in-One Series at your school and get Teachers’ copy absolutely free.

For Classes 1st & 2nd

For Classes 3rd to 5th

LBF AR Series

AR Books are developed with an intention of bringing multi sensory approach to education. It is an established fact that when more than 1 sense is involved in teaching and learning process then the retention is much higher.

Coupled with free LBF AR app and login ID, every book of LBF comes with promise of providing linguistic command to every child.

Currently available in English and Hindi books, AR helps student to learn at even faster rates. Research suggests that, AR model is 30% more effective then routine studies.


Presenting Teachers’ Resource

Books & Model Question Papers

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Providing 3600 solutions for all your needs

As a School Owners and Principal it sometimes becomes very difficult to help your teachers in finding the solutions of questions given in the books, preparing the question papers (written and oral). breaking up the syllabus, format of achievement records and other contents of routine needs. SMS&S a division of LBF Publications Pvt. Ltd. is created specially to facilitate its associated schools with Teachers' Resource Books, containing lessons on moral education and solutions of LBF Course Books. Also Model Question Papers are available in 3 evaluation or 2 semesters as per the requirement of your school & they contain the much needed syllabus breakup, Model Question Papers for written and oral exams and format for achievement record (report card) as per CCE pattern. The whole content is updated to incorporate classwise and subjectwise learning outcome published by NCERT in 2017.

Available free of cost for all the schools implementing LBF Books in their respective schools.

About LBF Publications Pvt. Ltd.

LBF Publications Pvt. Ltd had its genesis on 22nd April 2007 by
Mr. Purshottam Agarwal and his son Mr. Piyush Agarwal with an aim to improve the educational ecosystem in the country and to build a strong learning foundation with meticulous methodology. After indepth work of about 10 years the technique of brilliancy development was invented and was named as Learn By Fun.

LBF publishes course books based on the National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF-2005) published by NCERT which is applicable to all schools affiliated to boards like CBSE, ICSE and All State Boards across India. In 2017, NCERT published Learning Outcomes, which have also been incorporated in books published by LBF.

Since the inception, the company has dedicatedly been working towards enhancing the learning techniques by offering quality learning material. As a result, LBF has managed to find its spot amongst the top school book publications in the country.

Over the years, by implementing LBF books of all subjects in a class wise set from Nursery to Class 8th, schools have grown exponentially and have succeeded in acquiring new admissions at a remarkable pace. The simple reason behind this success is that LBF books help in maintaining quality education standards even in higher employee turnover.

LBF has taken one more step towards making education interesting by introducing an online learning platform which will include books crafted using the Augmented Reality (AR) technology. These AR-based books will offer a 3D view of the content. This will help generate interest among students in learning at home by directing their screen time towards education rather than internet and gaming. Moreover, it will also help schools and teachers have uniformity in teaching and implement multi sensory approach in education.

In future, the company will also be launching an online learning app with multiple themes that make learning an interesting process. Through this platform, teachers will efficiently be able to evaluate the students based upon which reports will be generated. This will enable students, teachers and parents to stay on the same page.

LBF has an expert team of experienced individuals onboard. The various departments set up within the organization include, but are not limited to, Research & Development, Teacher Training, Technology Sales, Warehouse & Logistics, Production & Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Operations.

Presently, LBF has a strong presence in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. It will soon be expanding its reach to other states with Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar and Jharkhand being next on the list.

Till date, LBF has served more than 2000 schools and around 10 lakh students across India and aspires to further multiply the number in the near future by offering quality educational material.



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